Clothes make the man.  At least that’s what my mother said at the eState Farm. That’s easy to say, but what clothes was she talking about? I started looking at what people wear, and how they look different when they wear different things, and how you think about them differently based on how they look. For instance, if I’m wearing dirty clothes and shoes, do I look like a criminal that should be arrested with a mug shot and everything? You shouldn’t put someone in jail just because their clothes are dirty.


Here are some thoughts I had on suits.


There are all kinds of suits. Suits for different occupations, suits for different occasions, suits for men, and suits for women. There are suits for school, suits for work, suits for court, suits for church, and there are even birthday suits! Of course there are lawsuits which you don’t even wear, but are certainly uncomfortable.


In a man’s suit, you’ll find double breasted suits, single button suits, fancy suits called tuxedos, and slacks and coat which isn’t even a suit at all, but serves the same purpose.  GQ has a guide to suits that I’ve read, and it’s pretty
informative. Here’s the website address.


GQ tells us that the Twenty-first century man wears trim, elegant, and not too loud suits. No aggressive plaids; no look at me pinstripes and only 3 buttons. Simple and Classy. You won’t see too many felons dressed that way except if they’re being sued by Allstate for fraud and RICO violations. Of course, the attorneys all look like that because they’re civil
lawsuit lawyers, not criminal lawyers.


I looked around to see what lawyers or attorneys wear to federal court when they’re in a lawsuit with Allstate or State Farm, Progressive or Nationwide. As far as I can tell, they all look pretty much alike where ever you are. Take a look at lawyers in Indiana courts: They look just like the lawyers in Ohio courts. The lawyers in Alabama courts sometimes don’t wear suits, but they always have starched shirts, a conservative pair of slacks and a blazer.  Texas lawyers in federal court show off their flashiness with 10 gallon Stetson hats.


Search Google for an attorney who just won a lawsuit against Allstate or State Farm and you’ll find a attorney with a big fat wallet and a big smile.


I really wonder how State Farm, Allstate, Progressive and Nationwide make any money. But they make tons of it.

They’re constantly filing lawsuits. They filed lawsuits today I’m sure. Heck Allstate was even sued by its own insurance agents in a class action case.


Filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania located in Philadelphia, some, 200 agents filed a class action suit. It claims that Allstate Insurance Company violated Federal laws prohibiting sexual discrimination, protecting employee benefits and violated Allstate’s contractual and fiduciary duties to its agents.


All kinds of policy holders sue Allstate. And Allstate sues its policyholders too. One website posts complaints about Allstate scams, fraud, lawsuits etc. Here’s the website so you can decide what you believe or not.



One group of personal injury attorneys named the Davis Law Group PS is advertising taking action against Allstate Insurance Company.   Here’s their website.


They say insurance companies are notorious for delaying settlement fund release. They say Allstate rigged a computer program to produce artificially low values for injury claims.


They talk about a Dateline NBC news investigation into Allstate claims practices. Dateline also mentions its investigation about State Farm Insurance claims practices. One woman claimed to be the victim of a fraudulent paper review by her insurer.


How did I get off on that track? Yes, lawsuits in Ohio, Indiana, Texas and Alabama. Way off track.  For my tastes, conservative comfort; Nothing phony about that.