About Me

Michael Kent Plambeck


Have you ever wondered about your own name? I sure have.  I wonder why I was named Michael Kent Plambeck. Was I named after anyone famous named  Michael? What about someone or something  named Kent? And I wonder why my family  calls me Kent. There weren’t any other  Michaels in our home.


I was interested to find that when I” Bing” the name  Michael, there were about 229,000,000 different internet references to that  name! Then I searched it with Google and  came up with 1,450,000,000 internet references for Michael. Wow! It would take  me 5 to 10 years just to read them all.  Google rocks! Bing is ok if you’re in a hurry, but Google search is where I’ll spend my time. So from here on, it’s just Google. Of course if I really doubt what I read on the internet, then I might use Bing or even Yahoo to search as a balancing  tool.


There weren’t any other Michael’s in my family, so I went about searching for famous people named Michael. People like Michael Jackson (51), Michael  Jordan (50), Michael Phelps (28), Michael J. Fox (52), Michael Buble (37)  pronounced Boo Blay, Michael Vick (33), Michael Weatherly (45), Michael Cera  (25) who played in many of my favorite Arrested evelopment shows, are all too  young for me to have been named after them.


Now, Sir Michael Caine, the British actor, he’s older than I  am, so maybe I’m named after him. Wouldn’t that be cool. He played Alfred the butler in the Batman movies,  The Dark Knight Rises (2012), The Dark Night (2008), Batman Begins (2005). He also did Now You See Me (2013), Inception  (2010) The Prestige (2006), Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012), Harry  Brown (2009), The Cider House Rules (1999), Get Carter (1971), Children of Men  (2006) Alfie (1966), Miss Congeniality (2000) Zulu (1964), Sleuth (1972),  Second Hand Lyons (2003), Escape to Victory (1981), Dirty Rotten Scoundrels  (1988) where he played a fraudster committing fraud against all kinds of  unsuspecting people. He was in Austin  Powers: Goldmember (2002), Flawless (2007), Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) a  quirky Woody Allen movie, The Ipcress File (1965), Dressed to Kill (1980), A  Bridge Too Far (1977) one of my favorite WWII movies, Jaws the Revenge (1987)  that I thought was kind of stupid, The  Island (1980), Is Anybody There (2009), The Weather Man (2005), Blame It on Rio  (1984) The Quiet American (2002), The Eagle Has Landed (1976) The Man Who Would  Be King (1975) which is a really great film, A Shock to the System (1990),  Funeral in Berlin (1966), On Deadly Ground (1994), Deathtrap 1982), Jack the  Ripper (1988), Battle of Britain (1969, Educating Rita (1983), The Hand (1981),  Quills (2000), Without a Clue (1988), Water (1985), Gambit (1966), The Whistle  Blower (1987), Pulp (1972), The Last Valley (1971) and he did oiceover in Cars  2 (2011), Gnomeo and Juliet (2011), The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992). But you know what, no matter how much I’ve  looked, there’s no way Mom and Dad knew who he was when I was born, so I  probably wasn’t named after Sir Michael Caine.   


I was interested to find that when I Google the name Kent,  there were about 11,100,000 different internet references to that name! Wow! It would take me 5 to 10 years just to  read them all.  The name Kent, as in Michael Kent Plambeck originally  derived from Kent, a county in England, which word has it may be derived from a  Brythonic word meaning “costal district.”  Brythonic is part of a group of Celtic languages. I didn’t know that.  There are universities named Kent. Like Kent State University in Ohio.  


There’s even a game named Kent.Kent is a card game you can play with any  even number of players, from four up to twelve. It's a good game for kids or  anyone who gets easily frustrated, because learning how to play is not only  super simple, it’s a lot of fun. I found  out how to play on WikiHow.com to do anything.  I like that website, but I don’t know if it’s any relation to  Wikileaks.org. That might concern me.


There’s the actor  Kent McCord, who played a cop in Adam 12, one of my favorite shows. 

There’s a dancer  named Kent Boyd, who is on the ABC Family series Bunheads. I never heard of him, and he’s younger than I  am, so he may be named after me, but I’m not named after him.


There’s even a  woman named Kent King, who stars on General Hospital. I know she’s not named after me.


My kids know who  Kent Osborne is. He’s a writer and  storyboard artist for SpongeBob Square Pants.


And then Superman:  My hero, Clark Kent.  What more can you say about the man of steel.


Then there’s the  brand named Kent cigarettes. Readers Digest wrote articles in 1952 titled  “Cancer by the Carton” that really got the American public looking for  cigarettes that had charcoal filters.  Luckily for me, I never was much of a fan of smoking. I really don’t like that I’ve got the same  name as a pack of cigarettes. It’s  amazing to me how much money has been spent in allstate governments trying to  warn people about the dangers of smoking and the racketeering and corrupt  business practices (RICO) of so many tobacco companies. I remember the Justice Department  won a RICO civil lawsuit in July 2010.  The judge in the case wrote a really long final opinion about the unlawful activity and the evastating consequences of the fraudulent activity of these companies. I can tell you one  thing for sure; Michael Kent Plambeck DC doesn’t want anything to do with those fraudsters and the RICO fraud the tobacco companies perpetrated against the
American public.


As for my last name, Plambeck, there aren’t a lot of us.  One website, www.myheritage.com found 59,444 records ontaining the name Plambeck, but only 528 people. Seventy six percent (76%) of us are found in the good old US of A, across allstate. There are eight percent (8%) in both Germany and Australia, and four percent (4%) in Denmark and Argentina. Plambeck is of Scottish origin, and was Anglicized from two different Gaelic names, Cinaed and Cainnech. Funny, does seem like there’s any of us left in Scotland.


So there you have  it. There are lots of Michael, Kent and  Plambeck people around. They’re actors, doctors, lawyers, attorneys, insurance salespeople, insurance adjusters, insurance company executives, judges, politicians, garbage collectors and the like. Michael Kent Plambeck is a pretty good name that has suited me just fine for all these years. I think I’ll keep it without any guilt or remorse.