The definition of “arrest”



verb: arrest; 3rd person present: arrests; past tense: arrested; past participle: arrested; gerund or present participle: arresting1. seize (someone) by legal authority and take into custody.

"the police arrested him for possession of marijuana"

synonyms: apprehend, take into custody, take prisoner, imprison, incarcerate, detain, jail, put in jail; More informal pick up, pull in, run in, pinch, bust, nab, collar "police arrested him for murder"


antonyms: release

2. stop or check (progress or a process).

"the spread of the disease can be arrested"

synonyms: stop, halt, check, block, hinder, restrict, limit, inhibit, impede, curb; More prevent, obstruct; literary stay "the spread of the disease can be arrested"


•suffer a heart attack.

"they were trying to resuscitate a patient who had arrested"3. attract the attention of (someone).

"his attention was arrested by a strange sound"

synonyms: attract, capture, catch, hold, engage; More absorb, occupy, engross "she tried to arrest his attention"


noun: arrest; plural noun: arrests1. the action of seizing someone to take into custody.

"I have a warrant for your arrest"

synonyms: detention, apprehension, seizure, capture, takedown More "a warrant for your arrest"


2. a stoppage or sudden cessation of motion.

"a respiratory arrest"

synonyms: stoppage, halt, interruption More "a cardiac arrest"


Origin was late Middle English: from Old French arester , based on Latin ad- ‘at, to’ + restare ‘remain, stop.


Arrested Development is one of my favorite television shows. It ran for 3 seasons on Fox, and a fourth season was released on Netflix on May 26, 2013.


Arrested Development is also an American alternative hip hop band from the early 1990’s. they are not my favorite group by an stretch of the imagination. It was founded by a guy named Speech. It was pretty popular in its first release, selling some 4 million copies. They won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group. They also won a MTV Video Music Award for Best Rap Video.